Our turnkey solutions cover all facets of branding including big picture elements such as brand positioning and brand development as well as granular elements such as identity design,logo design, website design and development, brand style and media kit design and event branding. It’s not just branding, it’s brand engineering.

Social Media

Our turnkey social media marketing solutions are carefully engineered to maximize your online brand presence and audience engagement while optimizing costs. Through extensive content generation, curation and promotion to all relevant social channels, influencer management and engagement strategies, we make sure that your audience is aware of your products and recognizes you as the industry leader you are.

Below the Line

Our Below the Line Marketing services are for those seeking to build and maintain both consumer loyalty and repeat sales. We target your audiences at an individual level via personalized email marketing and other ‘one-on-one’ mediums such as social media networking sites.

Public Relations

Be it sn SMB or an MNC, the importance of maintaing a positive image is not lost on today’s world. We work closely with you towards building goodwill among your target through special programs and events, stories and articles through relevant media outlets, closely monitor numerous media channels for audience chatter and sentiment, specialize in damage control and crisis avertion.

Above the Line

With Above the Line Marketing, our Brand Marketing experts are able to effectively promote your brand at a macro-level. By means of strategic Ad modifications and placement on Radio, TV, Print Newspapers and other conventional media platforms, we target mass consumer audiences at a local, regional or global level.

Increase Engagement,Convert Strangers Into Customers and Customers Into Advocates.


Improve Conversion Rates,Inspire Brand Loyalty and Increase Company Revenue.

Customer Acquisition

Momenta works with you to develop a robust customer acquisition strategy, making sure to identify and target the prospects that best match your business objective with minimal risk associated. Market surveys, segmentation, direct mailing, and digital marketing are just some of the activities we undertake to ensure that you have the customers that are profitable and keep coming back for more.


As an agency we have the expertise to deploy and manage high quality telesales departments in English, Arabic and a large variety of languages. Our highly trained line managers will work closely with you to devise and deploy a complete sales cycle, and our experienced agents will try their best that every outgoing call reaches a key decision maker and close them to achieve your sales targets.

Customer Service

Contact Center

With over 10 years of experience handling calls, our call center team make sure that our agents specialize in re-creating the brand experience your customers have come to know and expect from you. They provide complete customer care for your callers, using extensive brand knowledge to answer their questions, process their returns and exchanges, guide them through transactions of troubleshooting, and solve problems of every kind.

Create Brand Loyalty by Providing Carefully Engineered Brand Experience to your Customers

Finance & Accounting

Increase your Cash Flow by Smarter Credit Management and Trade Consultation.

Debt Recovery

The overall debt recovery process can be one of the most exhausting, time-consuming and mentally taxing processes of your day-to-day business handlings. We alleviate you of this daunting task by providing you with simple, fast and effective debt recovery services via the application of superior data collection strategies that ensure maximum recovery.

Payables Management

When you’re managing a growing company, expenses management is one half ofthe defining factors for your cashflow. We take on the task ofevaluating, payment and management of your company’s debts, liabilities and other trade-credit purchases – effectively putting you at ease and allowing you to focus on other business management priorities.

Debt Management

As needed, Momenta acts as an impartial intermediary with your creditors to establish a reasonable and mutually acceptable repayment plan that aims to include lower interest rates, EMIs and eliminate collection queries

Receivables Management

We help you attain your long-term receivable and profitability goals via maintaining a trade off between costs and benefits associated with your credit policy. From minimizing bad debt loss to evaluating the creditworthiness of your customers, we have it all covered whilst keeping cost efficiency as a central component to our overall Receivables Management planning.

Human Resources

Verification & Screening

By doing a wide variety of background checks that include criminal & Public record searches, academic and professional verifications, personal references and credit reports, we make sure that you have a complete picture of the applicants during the critical stage of the recruitment process, allowing you to make smart hiring decisions, reduce administrative time, costs and liabiity, and create a safe and secure workplace.


Immediate access to qualified talent is the most important factor is building a flexible, scalable and productive workforce. As a Momenta Client, our highly qualified recruitment experts working from a centralized operation center ensure that you have on-demand access to a talent supply that provides a proper mix of skills, experience and knowledge to fit unique needs.

Payroll Management

Payroll Processng takes valuable time, both for procesing and keeping up with the latest regulations. With the help of our full time, in-house accountant who specialize in payroll and tax processing, all you have to do is report on your employees’ work hours put in, and any salary modifications you need. From calculating wages, salaries, benefits and to making transactions, we take care of the rest.

Recruitment Process

We provide acomplete end-to-end solution to create, deliver and manage your permanent or contractual recruitment. Our carefully engineered recruitment solutions ensure that you have the right person for the right role at the right time quickly and effectively, while keeping the expected costs for the process a minimum.


Our onboarding services are a unique offering that help you welcome overseas recruits and have them settle in to their work environment. We’ll take care of all the chores that come with relocation, including finding accomodation, transportation, setting up bank accounts etc. leaving you and your employee to focus on being productive with an ease of mind from day one.

Benefits Management

Needing to constantly track eligibility, chase down paperwork and implementing necessary changes are just some of the few daunting tasks involved that makes benefit plan administration complicated and costly. Momenta provides a wide range of offerings designed to help business manage complex plans and scale them to fit changing needs, including employee enrollment orientation, administration, carrier billing audits, benefit cost reporting and projections, 24/7 online access and health care reform compliance.

Make your Human Capital Flexible, Scalable and Dynamic without the Administrative Hassles.

Back Office & Field Services

Accelerate Savings, Improve Performance and Improve Security.


Our procurement solutions are designed to accelerate savings and improve performance. Some of our offerings in the field include short-term services such as Spend Analysis, Supplier Market and Risk Analysis, Bid Evaluation, PO Management, Catalog Management, Invoicing, 3-way matching, as well as Contract Management (Authoring, Renewals, Library management, Audit) for long-term partnerships.

Facilities Management

Momenta offers a complete facilities management process from property consultancy to day-to-day operations and periodic maintenance deliveries. Our experts will be working closely with you to create a program best suited for your needs, while maintaining peak efficiency of the facility and ensuring safety of the tenants. Our solutions include 24/7/365 dedicated help desks to ensure that any problem that arises is quickly resolved.

Warranty Management

Momenta provides a closed-loop claims & asset management process, that allows your organization to track all appilcable warranties through their complete lifecycle. By automated warrantly claim handling and installed base asset tracking, you can create, monitor, and process warranties, claims and assets, while your customers can submit valid claims, customer service can verify and initiate recovery, and field technicians can track history ad replace in-warranty parts.

Security & Surveillance

Our tech experts work with our partners around the world to deliver cost-effective, intelligent security and surveillance solutions. Momenta offers solutions that are integrated, scalable distribued and standards-based, that can be licensed as independent solutions or as a complete package, providing you with the flexibility to improve your security solution to fit your requirements.

Information Technology

Project Management

Lack of specialist expertise, budgetary constraints, complexities of projects and lack of flexibility are some of the core problems faced in project management. Our well-curated team of IT professionals bring a high level of expertise into the scene and work with you on a part-time or full-time basis depending on your requirement, designing, executing and/or managing projects in the safest, cost-effective and efficient method possible.

Software as a Service

Momenta offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Services Management (BSM), Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Businss Intelligence (BI) as the SaaS suite of solutions. These services offer a focused ent-to-end approach that includes a complete analysis of the customer requirements, deployment and integration to address your specific business concerns.

System Integration

Momenta IT professionals offer you their expertise in System Integration to ensure that your tech is on-par with your business objectives. We extend this service to companies of all size and nature.

Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management services offer a large suite of reliable, scalable and flexible solutions that operate in a 4 step process covering the entire life cycle- Develop, Deploy, Manage and Monitor. We offer infra-consulting, data center, enterprise networking and security, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation services.

Help & Service Desks

Our team of experts are on hold for you 24/7, ready to respond to any system troubles that may arise. Our monitoring service allows our consultants to be notified of any deviation from proper functioning of equipment or server software, and they receive a notification should something arise. Depending on the nature of the problem, it’s immediately dealt with via remote desktop, or in-person if needed.

Reliable, Scalable and Effective IT solutions.